October 23, 2008

Yesterday, my friend Lynda, her grandson Logan, and I went exploring…  Lynda has received a Fine Arts degree in Photography from Everett Community College, and has been asking me for a while to go looking for good stuff to photograph.

We wound up finding some really good stuff!

First stop was a bridge in Oso…  It was earlier in the day so the light was pretty awesome. 

After we left Oso, we stopped at a stretch of the Stilliguamish River, I believe it was the north fork.  Seems like there’s some good flyfishing that goes on there.  I’ll have to remember that once Tim’s all set up. 

Then we wound up at the old Fortson Mill.  I’ve never really explored any abandoned areas like this before.  I looked it up online and apparently they hold a fishing tournament for kids at the mill pond during the summer.  I wondered why there was “Juveniles 15 and under” spraypainted on the retaining wall in the pond. 

After the Mill, we stopped for lunch at Squire Creek.  Talk about beautiful!  It would be the perfect spot for a wedding.  Well, my kind of wedding at least. 

We turned back the way we came from after we explored there for a little while.  I noticed someone standing on the side of the road a little ways down and said “Oh!  I wonder what they’re taking photos of?”  Another railroad bridge! 

After what Lynda considered a hair-raising ride up a mountain and down a mountain dropping us at Lake Cavanaugh, we saw some pretty cool “light through the forest” photo opportunities and grabbed them.  By this time Logan was sound asleep in the back of Lynda’s van.  He was an awesome sidekick!  The ride south on Highway 9 took us past Big Lake and Lake McMurray, and back down into Arlington. 

I got home to Scott having removed the driver’s side tail-light for his Titan…  yep. 

I uploaded almost 300 photos onto the laptop and we got ready to go to dinner with the H.O.G. members.  Just a short ride for us, down into Lake Stevens to The New Country Grill.  I offered to set up November’s Dinner Ride, so I need to research some restaurants next week and get something set up the week before Thanksgiving.  A Breakfast Ride sounds really good but Scott has an easier time getting off work during the week than on the weekends. 

Scott went out with 5 of the guys from the group for an impromptu ride today.  It’s pretty sweet when it’s sunny and 60* in October out here. 

Tomorrow will be spent fetching the paycheck, getting supplies for Elijah’s birthday party on Saturday, and food shopping!  Yay!  Go us! 

Enjoy the photos! 


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