Cyclamen Series

November 1, 2008

…and some more photos…  I had STARTED to take these photos when I was interrupted by the small fuzzy orange critter.

I’ve heard over and over again how difficult cyclamen are to keep.  I’ve heard that the care instructions are “enjoy until they die then throw them away”.  I guess I like a challenge.  I’ve had the white with the dark pink ring around the inside/bottom for over a year.  The other two I picked up early this year at Wal-Mart.  The first one I *thought* went into it’s dormant state, so I cut back the wilting leaves and let it start to dry out (the other care instructions I’ve found).  I had intended to let it dry out for a few months then start watering it again.  Nope…  within a couple of weeks I had new green growth and flowers followed.  These three plants have been thriving and blooming continuously since I brought them home.

You’ll find these little beauties during the winter months in garden centers and floral departments.  I’ll be looking for more in the next couple of months!


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