Camano Island State Park

May 28, 2013

IMG_3628 IMG_3629

IMG_3666 IMG_3672

IMG_3674 IMG_3699

IMG_3702 IMG_3706

IMG_3714 IMG_3722

IMG_3733 IMG_3735

IMG_3743 IMG_3745



2 Responses to “Camano Island State Park”

  1. Kat Says:

    I never visited while I lived in WA. Wish I had, if no other reason than to smell the air and examine the rocks. Especially now that I’m landlocked.
    Did you collect that rock with the pattern on it? Was it etched in? I love finding things like that. I always wonder where it came from and then kind of make up a story about it. Dorky me!

  2. Kimberly Ann Says:

    I think the rock with the zig zag pattern was from one of the boys stepping on it in wet boots. We weren’t allowed to bring anything home – school field trip rules 😦 Eli LOVED looking at all of the rocks and driftwood and for sure would have brought some home with him if he could have.

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