Bugs and Blooms

June 2, 2013

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Bees and flies and roses and irises and passion flower vines!


A Vizzzzitor

May 25, 2013

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Otters and Octopi

May 22, 2013











Otters and Octopi at the Seattle Aquarium

A couple months ago, Scott decided that it would be cool for Elijah to have a lizard. So I started researching what kind of lizard to get. We’ve had Anoles before, but didn’t have much luck with them. They’re sold as “beginner” lizards and are SO NOT for beginners! A bunch of members at the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society own Crested Geckos – or Cresties, as they’re so fondly referred to – and I’ve been drawn to them since seeing the first few photos. They’re good beginner lizards, very hardy, and even handleable. Fin showed me just how far he can jump when I picked him up from his previous owner last night. They practically fly when they want to.
Unlike most other lizards and geckos, Cresties don’t *have* to have live food. They eat a nutritionally balanced ready to mix powder, known as Crested Gecko Diet, or CGD. Fin does get crickets though, as a treat and “fun to hunt” activity.
I got him home last night and put him in his newly planted vivarium, and he seems to be quite happy. He checked things out and I got some photos of him. He’s really pretty cute. His morph is considered Harlequin with Dalmation spots. He got pretty fired up last night, so his markings deepened. He’s going to be a gorgeous boy!
This morning I checked on him and tossed a couple crickets in his viv. I really want him to be hand tame, so part of our daily activity is going to be hand feeding. He actually took some CGD off my finger!
Here’s Fin!

Birdy birdy birdy…

February 2, 2009

Had another interesting visitor to the backyard today.  At first I thought it was a pigeon…  then I looked again, and was obviously mistaken!  I should have realized that *something* was up, since all of the little songbirds were MIA.  Usually they’re flitting about, in the plum tree and up on the deck.  He must have scared them away!  I did a little research, and I think it might be a Merlin.

Uncommon visitor

December 23, 2008

We had, what I THINK is, a Cooper’s Hawk visit us yesterday!  I was folding laundry and happened to glance out the window and saw this young bird sitting on our back fence.  I took the photos through the slider and kitchen window, for fear that opening the door would have frightened him/her away.  I checked my bird book and it’s either a Cooper’s Hawk or a Sharp Shinned Hawk.  They like to eat small birds, which we have an abundance of.  Small flocks gather at the feeders regularly, but with the snow, we’ve got even more now.  I’m happy to report that the hawk decided to dine elsewhere.  I don’t know how I would have reacted to seeing one of my precious Juncos or Grosbeaks or Towhees getting plucked up!

Snow Kitty

December 22, 2008

So, even though we’ve got over a foot and a half of snow here in the Great Pacific Northwest…  Duncan has decided he may be part Polar Bear…

He IS an indoor cat.  Really he is.  He just doesn’t belive me when I tell him…